By Lauren S., Abundance Thorndon Studio Manager

From green, black, white, to oolong, tea is a universal ‘comfort’ drink. It keeps us warm on winter days and it keeps us healthy all year round. For some of us, it’s also our coffee alternative, keeping us free from a caffeine addiction. But going back to being healthy, tea offers many health benefits and healing properties. For the maximum health benefit stick with green, black, white, and oolong teas as all others do not offer much more than comfort. The flavourings and colourings added to teas although enticing can have negative effects on our health. Below are several benefits that tea offers. If you haven’t made the switch from coffee yet, this will guide you in the right direction!

Tea may reduce the risk of heart attack

There have been studies to back this statement up! Drinking tea can prevent clogging of arteries.

Tea can prevent cancer

Enough said. Thanks to the antioxidants found in tea, polyphenols, there are loads of benefits and preventing cancer is probably one of the best. While it is not 100% proven, there are many studies that link L theanine to many physiological benefits.

Tea can boost your immune system

There’s a reason some only drink tea when they are sick – It can boost your T-cell count, these are the cells that fight disease and infection.

Tea keeps you hydrated

You might be saying to yourself, “doesn’t caffeine dehydrate?” Yes, but times have changed and so have studies – caffeinated beverages give us the fluid we need to be hydrated – in moderation of course. Water first then tea!

Tea can help you shed pounds

Green tea can assist you if you’re looking to lose weight especially in the belly region. Studies have shown that it can increase your metabolism and burn fat. For maximum results, drink five cups of green tea per day.