Hi, my name is Bobbie, and would love to spend a day with Kathleen at a retreat. Just a short story about my time at Abundance in Porirua, friendly and sunshine people I might add.

I have just recently come back to Yoga, after years away from this wonderfully powerful discipline for the body.

As I am an older person, my thought is that the body needs rejuvenating and keeping mobility s very impotant for obvious health reasons. It is most important in senior years to take care of ourselves, and what better way, than to restore the body with this spiritual, mental and physical form of excercise.

Initially, I was going to submit to negativity of *Cant do it*  and not going further, but I have found after a few rounds and great instruction, my mind has cleared and I find each time I try poses, I do get further along.I think this is a great restorative way for the body to stay connected to the earth and just enjoying where my body and breath can go. Thanks to Instructors both at Abundance and Centergy for keeping me on track and keeping my mental interest focused. Cheers.