Each studio offers a variety of class timesĀ  to ensure that your practice is both consistent and convenient. The timetables may not reflect holiday hours. Please check our online booking system or contact your studio for holiday hours.


Please note that our booking system is currently undergoing maintenance. If you would like to book in for a Pilates Equipment or Pilates Circuit class in our Thorndon or Porirua studios, please email Helen.Duncan@cityfitness.co.nz and if you would like to book for Queen Street, please ring 09.304.0768.


Easter/ANZAC Timetables

QueenStreet_ABUNDANCE_TT_Easter_Anzac_2017 Porirua_ABUNDANCE_TT_Easter_Anzac_2017 Kapiti_ABUNDANCE_TT_Easter_Anzac_2017Thorndon_ABUNDANCE_TT_Easter_Anzac_2017

Porirua Timetable 30 April - 7 May

Porirua Timetable

Thorndon Timetable

Kapiti Timetable

Hamilton Timetable

Queen St Studio One Timetable

Queen St Studio Two Timetable