Hot Power Yoga

A  challenging Vinyasa-style class in a heated studio focused on strengthening and stretching the body using dynamic, fluid postures. Benefits include increased range of motion, increased muscle mass, reduction of body weight and elimination of toxins. This workout challenges the body and invigorates the mind, creating an intense physical challenge that will bring your fitness and yoga practice to new levels. The heat provides a detoxifying sweat throughout the series.

Yin Yoga

A gentle class focusing on deep twists, bends, and folds designed to improve flexibility and range of movement. Unlike a Vinyasa flow class, Yin Yoga involves holding postures for a longer period of time. This is a great class for beginners starting out their practice.

Revive Yoga

Combining both Power Yoga and Yin Yoga, Revive is a strong Vinyasa-style class that combines strengthening, dynamic postures with restorative postures. This is a meditative yoga for great balance of the yin and yang in life.

Vinyasa Flow

A dynamic flow of traditional yoga postures designed for the modern-day student, Vinyasa Flow Yoga aims to build core strength, enhance flexibility, endurance, and balance.

Astanga Power

A traditional yoga practice with ‘Primary Series’ taught as a led class, using a set sequence of standing and seated postures in a Vinyasa style (breath linked movement).  This is an invigorating practice, enhancing  correct breathing techniques and alignment.