Camille Pinkcamille

Barre Instructor

Camelle began dancing 17 years ago. Her expertise in classical ballet techniques and contemporary dance fundamentals has allowed her to attain a classical ballet A.R.A.D. and Advanced 2 from the Royal Academy of Dance in 2009.  She has also performed internationally in growing dance hubs. In 2013, Camelle graduated with a Bachelor of Dance Studies from The University of Auckland. She is currently furthering her education in technique, choreography and research through her Honours degree in dance.

Jessica Pratt

Yoga Instructor

Jessica has been practicing Power Yoga since 2007. She completed 200hr of training with Power Living Australia in 2009. To Jess, Yoga is the fluid movement & strength involved to carry the body into all sorts of challenging asana. She wants all want participants in her classes to discover that their bodies can do amazing things!


Katrina Gavin

Pilates & yoga instructor

Teaching both Pilates and yoga, Katrina has trained with Core Pilates NYC and Inspya Yoga from Byron Bay. She enjoys sharing her passion for Anatomy and Physiology in a safe and challenging way in the classes she leads, hoping the detail that she instructs can then take students through their class in a safe and confident manner. Katrina also holds a Diploma in Massage Therapy.

Lindsay Updegrove

Yoga Instructor

Lindsay’s travels have exposed her to a variety of styles of yoga, but her first experiences on the mat were with her grandfather & father who woke up early to “do their stretches” every day.  From what was once a much-needed daily dose of stretching, Lindsay now sees yoga practice as a road map for navigating health, careers & relationships.  Lindsay carries a life changing 200 hr teacher training with Byron Yoga Centre. It’s Lindsay’s intention as a teacher to share the positive impact that self-study has on our experiences & the world around us.

Sophie Radovanovichsophierado

Yoga Instructor

Sophie offers 10 years of knowledge and training from a background in professional dance, musical theatre, and yoga. She has become closely connected to yoga and enjoyed the solid sense of grounding and stability it provided during trans-formative periods. Sophie completed her 1 year full time Yoga diploma, Ayurvedic studies and Yoga instructors course with Wellpark College of Natural Therapies.


Tania Marinkovich

Yoga Instructor

Tania studied at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies where she was trained in Hatha Yoga & completed a Yoga Diploma. She found Vinyasa Yoga in her early twenties; drawn to the continuous flow of movement with the breath, reflecting the passion of her previous years as a dancer and which prompted her journey with the Divine.  She fell in love with the Philosophy of yoga and now aims to teach others Patanjali’s 8 limbs so they too can find freedom and happiness. Tania consistently practices the yama and niyamas, especially finding svadhyaya (self-study) helpful to discover the truth within.

Jen Allen

Yoga & Pilates Instructor

Jennifer has been expressing herself through body movement for as long as she can remember. Hailing all the way from the USA, her journey began as a professional dancer & musical theater performer. Yoga & Pilates became the channels through which she maintained her physical & emotional well-being throughout an intense performing career in New York. Jennifer believes that the body is the vehicle through which we can express our deepest emotional selves, and the union of mind, body, and breath has the ability to connect us to our highest potential.

Lauren Filer

Yoga and Pilates Instructor

Lauren has been in the fitness industry for 10 years. She trained in the UK but recently explored new learnings through Jaya Yoga here in New Zealand. Her passion for Yoga and Pilates came through being rubbish at physical education in school. Not a fan of team sports she was thrilled to find a way to move that wasn’t competitive and was just for the joy of moving and breathing. Her teaching style is both energetic and calming with a strong encouragement for each individual to have their own experience and listen to what movement feels good on their own body.

Mariska Schwartz

Yoga Instructor

Mariska’s first yoga class was supposed to be ‘just for laughs’ but her preconceptions were immediately transformed half-way into class! She began to practice regularly complimenting her sport training – she is an avid tennis player. Mariska then trained overseas with Baron & Duncan Peak  from Power Living. She sees yoga postures as a vehicle to self discovery and through yoga, she understands herself more and more.

Marney Schaumann

Yoga Instructor

Marney discovered the beauty, power and benefit of a regular yoga practice in 2006 while looking for a “substitute” for dance while living in Nanjing, China. In 2008, Marney deepened her yoga practice and studies at Yoga Shakti in Huntington Beach, California. Marney continues to take workshops and training in many areas of yoga including pre/post-natal and Acro Yoga.  Marney believes that everyone can benefit from the calming, balancing, and healing benefits of yoga. Marney’s classes focus on breath as the foundation for asana and enjoys helping students discover the power and potential in their bodies. Marney hopes that all her students leave class feeling enlivened and strengthened both on and off the mat.

Melissa James

Barre Instructor

Melissa is involved in many different aspects of dance, and enjoys adopting a holistic approach with her involvement in professional dance, dance education, community dance, and fitness. She holds a Bachelor of Dance Studies from The University of Auckland. Melissa is a prominent dance teacher around Auckland, specialised in teaching many forms from Jazz, Tap, and Latin to Contemporary and Dance Therapy. Melissa is greatly looking forward to helping to continue spreading practical and feel good body awareness, while encouraging others to find their inner dancer through Barre Beautiful!

Yvette Rumney

Pilates Instructor

With a passion for people, movement, and space, Pilates was sure to find Yvette. Whist studying Performing Arts at 18 years old, she found Pilates complemented her dance training. She knew then that looking both physically and mentally deeper at her body’s awareness and underlying strength was very important. This sparked Yvette’s fascination and through her years in the UK, she developed her skills learning different techniques and growing her knowledge. Yvette loves working with people to help them understand the connection with their core strength and stability.

Zhara Killen-Chance

Barre Instructor

Zahra is an award winning choreographer and performer based in Auckland. She started learning ballet when she was six years old achieving Distinction in Advanced 2 at Royal Academy of Dance.  She received her certificate in Dance performance as a ballet major from the New Zealand School of Dance in 2007 and completed a Diploma of Dance Performance in Contemporary Dance from the New Zealand School of Dance 2008. In 2011, she received her Postgraduate Diploma in Dance from The University of Auckland. She has worked for many local and international choreographers and since 2009 has produced and choreographed many works in Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin and recently Taipei, Taiwan.