Learn to teach! Becoming a professional yoga or Pilates instructor is a uniquely satisfying road to follow. For some, it’s a part-time hobby with fulfilling rewards. For others, it becomes a full-time profession. Changing the lives of your students is a powerful, emotional experience!

Check out our upcoming training schedule below:

Pilates Mat Teacher Training

Dates: 13-15 October & 28-29 Oct 2017

Location: Abundance Porirua

Prerequisite: Experience as a Pilates mat student is strongly recommended.

Tuition: $975 USD ($1325 NZD)*


Our Pilates mat course provides teachers with the tools to deliver a private or group session in the beginner and intermediate classical Pilates system. The course is a 5 day intensive held over two weekends, with extensive practical work and a specialised anatomy workshop. All students complete a written and practical exam to obtain their certificate.

Day 1: Beginner mat system

Day 2: Beginner mat system – practice teaching and variations

Day 3: Intermediate system

Day 4: Intermediate system – practice teaching and variations, anatomy in clay

Day 5: Intermediate system – review and practical exam

*Price is in USD and will be charged in NZD on day of payment based on current conversion rate.


  • PDF downloadable manuals
  • Support videos online
  • Exam fees (re-tests result in an additional fee)

Email to register or enquire: info@abundancemindbody.co.nz

Core Pilates NYC

Led by Allyson Donnelly from Abundance and Core Pilates NYC, these Pilates training courses teach the power, strength and grace of the classical Pilates method while incorporating a contemporary style. The upcoming courses below will give you full certification and potential job placement with Abundance Studios!

Since 2003, Core Pilates NYC has been teaching the future of Pilates professional worldwide. They empower their students with the confidence, knowledge, and skills to go out there and start making a difference!

Check out www.corepilatesnyc.com for more information.


Pilates Reformer Teacher Training

Dates: 9-11 February, 24 & 25 Feb 2018


Location: Abundance Porirua

Tuition: $1875 USD ($2550 NZD)*

Prerequisite: Experience as a Pilates mat student is strongly recommended

Day 1: Beginner reformer system and Pilates history
Day 2: Beginner and intermediate reformer system
Day 3: Intermediate reformer system 
Day 4: Intermediate reformer system
Day 5: Tests and advanced reformer workshop
 *Price is in USD and will be converted to NZD on day of payment based on the current conversion rate.

Included in Tuition:

  • PDF downloadable manuals
  • Support videos online
  • Exam fees (re-tests result in an additional fee)

Email to register or enquire: info@abundancemindbody.co.nz

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Level 1 11-17 Novemer 2017 and Level 2 19-24 November 2017

with Joe Barnett

Joe Barnett, ERYT-500, based loosely in both Cincinnati, OH and Tucson, AZ, has been teaching for 14 years. He travels nationally and internationally year round offering presentations and trainings on Yin and Yang (Vinyasa) forms of Yoga.

He provides a deep study (both experiential and anatomical) of the crude physical Skeleton and Fascia, as well as the more subtle Meridians and Chakras. Joe is a senior student and primary teaching assistant of Paul Grilley, a true Yoga Scientist and founder of Yin Yoga. After several years of apprenticing under Paul, Joe began roaming the globe to spread the word of his teacher’s work: 1) Yin Yoga, 2) a Functional Analysis of the Skeleton, and 3) Chakra Meditation. Naturally he began training yoga teachers across the world how to begin using these practical models to help others find a quiet practice of surrender.

Functional Anatomy for a Practice of Surrender – Level 1 50 Hours

Yin Yoga Training Level 1/2: The training is meant for anybody who has been practicing yoga for at least a year, and has done Yin Yoga before. Students should also have an interest in deepening their understanding of the more contemplative side of the practice including; meditation, pranayama and further energetic practices.If you are new to yin this course will give you the basic training to start teaching. If you have been teaching you will deepen your understanding of this ancient practice and be able to immediately apply your learning.

  • In this training we will analyze, observe and practice all of the elements of Yin Yoga in depth. Joe will break down the theory and practice of Yin, Chakras and Meridians, Anatomy of yoga for Yin and Yang and Modern Meridian Theory as applied to Yin Yoga. The trainings are based on the philosophical and anatomical principles of Paul and Suzee Grilley. Students will be awarded a yoga alliance 50 hour certificate.
  • Introduction to Taoist Anatomical Analysis and Yin/Yang Yoga Sutras of Paul Grilley.
  • Interactive hands-on study of anatomy.
  • Finding skeletal landmarks and testing range of motion
  • Understanding and discriminating sensation: Tension vs Compression, Muscle vs Fascia, Physical vs Subtle Energy.
  • Exploring Yin Yoga Poses and the Variations of Functional Alignment.
  • Communication: When to listen/observe, when to speak/lead
  • Yin/Yang sequencing.
  • Introduction to the Subtle Body Continuum: Chakras/Meridians and the Water Channels of the Body.

Level 2 40 Hours

This training is for those who have been trained in the Yin Yoga Foundations with Joe. Beyond a series of brief yet focused reviews of the foundations, Target Practice offers the teacher methods to empower her dialogue and sharper her focus, including an intro to a one on one treatment called Assisted Yin. The building Yin Therapist will learn to manuall guide and hold her client’s passive body into the appropriate Target Area, while skillfully using posture and props to minimize her own muscular efforts.

This Next Level study also aims deeper than the crude tissues of the Target Area. The Yin practice releases blocked Chi which has the potential to awaken the spiritual centers of our being, the Chakras.
“The Modern Meridian Theory” proposes that the physical manifestation of Chi (or Prana) flows in water patterns, “rivers” or Meridians that run through the Fascia. Restricted tissue, as well as stagnant and/or deficient Chi flow is corrected and regulated through the proper application of practices like Yin Yoga.
The exit of the posture reveals this flow, this “Rebound.” And with a continuously conscious yet soft focus at the end of each asana, this intelligent vibration can be directed into the Chakras to reveal everything from suppressed regret and fear to forgotten joy and inspiration. Each awakened  Chakra is a unique opportunity to examine deeply hidden motivations, an opportunity to choose to release or embrace these previously hidden drives in order to move towards a higher path.

For enquiries and/or enrollments, contact Gabrielle – director@globaltesol.co.nz

or download application form here – Yin New Zealand