Learn to teach! Becoming a professional yoga or Pilates instructor is a uniquely satisfying road to follow. For some, it’s a part-time hobby with fulfilling rewards. For others, it becomes a full-time profession. Changing the lives of your students is a powerful, emotional experience!

Check out our upcoming training schedule below:

Core Pilates NYC

Led by Allyson Donnelly from Abundance and Core Pilates NYC, these Pilates training courses teach the power, strength and grace of the classical Pilates method while incorporating a contemporary style. The upcoming courses below will give you full certification and potential job placement with Abundance Studios!

Since 2003, Core Pilates NYC has been teaching the future of Pilates professional worldwide. They empower their students with the confidence, knowledge, and skills to go out there and start making a difference!

Check out www.corepilatesnyc.com for more information.


Pilates Mat Teacher Training

Dates: 4-6 May, 19-20 May 2018

Location: Abundance Porirua

Time: 10am to 4pm (Friday) & 8:30-1:30 (Saturday/Sunday)

Prerequisite: Experience as a Pilates mat student is strongly recommended.

Tuition: $975 USD ($1325 NZD)*


The Mat Training Course™ presented by Core Pilates NYC® integrates both Beginner and Intermediate Classical Mat Training. It is the most complete and cost effective Pilates Mat Training Course in the industry. This course provides teachers with the tools to deliver a private or group session in the beginner and intermediate classical Pilates system. The course is a 5 day intensive held over two weekends, with extensive practical work and a specialised anatomy workshop. All students complete a written and practical exam to obtain their certificate.

Day 1: Beginner mat system

Day 2: Beginner mat system – practice teaching and variations

Day 3: Intermediate system

Day 4: Intermediate system – practice teaching and variations, anatomy in clay

Day 5: Intermediate system – review and practical exam

*Price is in USD and will be charged in NZD on day of payment based on current conversion rate.

Students will learn:

  • Over 30 Pilates exercises
  • Hands-on touch cues to assist in training clients
  • Modifications to simplify and challenge exercises
  • Guidance for how to structure your 55 minute mat class
  • 3 hour online CPNYC® Anatomy Workshop featuring Anatomy in Clay® relevant to Pilates


  • PDF downloadable manuals
  • Support videos online
  • Exam fees (re-tests result in an additional fee)
  • Mats for use during the course

Email to register or enquire: info@abundancemindbody.co.nz


Pilates Reformer Teacher Training

Dates: 9-11 February, 24 & 25 Feb 2018


Location: Abundance Porirua

Tuition: $1875 USD ($2550 NZD)*

Prerequisite: Experience as a Pilates mat student is strongly recommended

Day 1: Beginner reformer system and Pilates history
Day 2: Beginner and intermediate reformer system
Day 3: Intermediate reformer system 
Day 4: Intermediate reformer system
Day 5: Tests and advanced reformer workshop
 *Price is in USD and will be converted to NZD on day of payment based on the current conversion rate.

Included in Tuition:

  • PDF downloadable manuals
  • Support videos online
  • Exam fees (re-tests result in an additional fee)

Email to register or enquire: info@abundancemindbody.co.nz

Advanced Teacher Training

February 23rd- 25th 2018

with Joan Hyman

Certification: 20 Hour Continuing Education with Yoga Alliance

Venue: Porirua Abundance, 2 Walton Leigh Ave, Porirua

Times: 6 Hours Daily Times TBC

Investment: Full 3 days $420  Single Day $150

Classes will be a combination of practice and lecture. Morning will be mainly Asana based and in the afternoon we will delve more deeply into theory, practice and application.

Friday 23rd February: Krama 1 Opposites-Attract

Am Practice: Advancing your practice with inversions. Meet the Royals. This practice is more about advancing your asana using effective sequencing for the royals of yoga, headstand and handstand and other inversions. Inversions are  great preparation for pranayama and meditation as they help access the vital body and shift the nervous system. This class examines the eight limbs as a means to a more advanced practice. Props are used to provide accessible alternatives on our journey.

Pm Practice/application:   Incorporating  beginners and the use of modifications

Both beginners and advanced are  special populations in your yoga class. How do we help them both especially if it is a mixed level class?  If you want beginners to form a life-long practice it’s important to empower them and give them tools to help them feel safe and confident in their bodies. If you want advanced students to feel challenged and have their needs met then we must also teach to their skill level. This krama examines the difficulties for beginners to advanced students and looks at creating safe yet challenging sequences for beginners plus adapting to multi-level classes to suit both beginners and advanced.

Evaluating students’ levels

  • Learn to Teach Beginners
  • Learn to Teach Advanced Asana and how to challenge advanced students
  • Ways to challenge all level classes Modifications for beginners
  • Sample sequences for beginners/advanced/multi-level
  • Helping beginners/advanced in the multi-level environment
  • Multi-level sequences that suit everyone


Saturday 24th February: Krama 2 From Injury to Health

Am Practice: Yoga for the lower back and shoulder girdle

Pm Practice/application: Examination of the two most prone spots for injury, the lower back and shoulder girdle

Understanding injuries is a crucial part of being a yoga teacher these days. Most people that come to yoga usually have some type of injury they are working with.This workshop is recommended to anyone working through an injury or teachers who would like to learn how to help students and create a safe healing place in your classroom This krama will look at the anatomy of  the lower back and shoulder girdle and how it relates to yoga. 

  • We will deconstruct postures to reinforce stability and create space in the joints helping to find more longevity in your practice.
We will review common injuries and the anatomy involved with those injuries to create a healthy sequence that strengthens surrounding muscle groups.
  • Learn important questions and techniques to ask your students to help them approach their injuries with more awareness and mindfulness.


Sunday 25th February: Krama 3 Restore within and without

Am Practice: Therapeutic Workshop, Restorative Poses, Pranyama, Meditation. 3 Hour practice including a lecture.

Pm Practice: Continuation of Therapeutics plus finding your authentic voice as a teacher

In our society today most of us live in an adrenalized state finding it is very hard to slow down and relax. Because of this, stress accumulates and disease begins to form. Simple modalities such as restorative yoga, breath awareness, and meditation can help alleviate stress and create a more peaceful balanced environment keeping your health at an optimal level and preventing future disease. We will explore different types of chronic illness and traumatic situations and use restorative sequences to help restore the body and mind to more healing place.  Explore the benefits of restorative yoga and design a practice to help your own restoration!


Finding your Authentic Voice and Self Care (2 hours) 
As a healer we are giving energy out continually. We need to keep one eye on our clients and most importantly the other eye within, so we are practicing self- care all the time. In this workshop we will discuss what Self Care is and how to continually apply it to your life so you can build a sustainable career and live in abundance.

Understand what it is like to live authentically and without fear, aligning yourself with your purpose and living with fulfillment.


For enquiries and/or enrollments, contact Gabrielle – director@globaltesol.co.nz